Planning your website

Create a site outline and prepare your content

Designing your website is much easier when you know what you're putting on it. Before you even begin to design your web site, you should create a site outline and write out the content for your pages. This will allow you to work through all of the potential information your site should have. Sketching a rough layout can help you organize your content and visualize how it all goes together.

  1. Using a text application such as Pages, Word, or Notepad, start typing up all of the information you want on your site.

Suggested content:

  • Your "Why". Why do you do what you do? Why should someone hire you?
  • Your Methods and Philosophies
  • About you and your staff w/ bios
  • Products & Services
  • Contact Info w/ Location and Hours
  • Testimonials from Clients
  • Before & After Photos and Success Stories
  • Videos
  • Photos of You, Your Staff, Your Facility
  • Rates/Prices
  • Social Media Links
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