Launching your Website

  1. Change your Nameservers...Wait, What? (see below)
  2. Test your Website
    • View it on a Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Device
    • Test all Contact Forms
    • E-Commerce Sites: Test a Purchase
  3. Test your Website
  4. Test your Website (ok, you get it)
In order for people to find you when they type in your domain name, you'll need to point your domain name to OH Press servers. Basically, this tells the internet where to access your web site files from. Changing your nameservers, also referred to as DNS, is done through your domain registrar (where you registered your website name).
Recommended: If you prefer for us to take care of this, email us your domain name registration username and password.

Point your domain nameservers to the following:
The nameserver change should take affect in less than an hour.
GoDaddy Instructions
Login to GoDaddy, under your domains, click launch to access settings. Make sure your domain is checked and you'll see the option to edit the nameservers.
Other Registrars
Check with your domain name registrar for how instructions on changing your nameservers.
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