QuickStart Guide ***READ FIRST***

You'll receive email instructions on how to access your admin when your site is setup. The admin is the back-end where you'll create and manage your web site.

When you first login to your admin, it may seem a little overwhelming. Here's the basics of what you need to know.

This is your blog articles. This is recommended for content that you update regularly and will most likely be the basis of keeping visitors coming back again and again.

This is for pages that won't change often if at all. Ideal for pages such as your home, about, services, general info, contact page, etc.

This is where you control your design, layout, menus, and navigation. This can vary based on the theme you're using. More on this later.

This is where you will add features and advanced functionality through 3rd-party plugins. You'll see plugins we've already activated. Until you'll become an experienced WordPress user, just skip this for now.

This is your website settings. We have optimized the settings with our recommended defaults, but it's still a good idea to run thru each section and review the settings. Start with "General". You won't need to modify your settings very often or even more than once.

Admin Help
On some screens in the admin, you'll see a "Help" tab in the top right. This is full of useful information relative to the page you are on. When you need help, this is a good place to start. And of course, help from us is always available.

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