How to Create Navigation Menus

Video Tutorial Available

Menus are links to pages, content, etc. Menus commonly appear in the header, side, or footer of your website, depending on the theme.

Create a menu

  • login to your admin > appearance > menus
  • a default menu should appear
  • on the left you will see pages, links, categories (posts)
  • check the items you want to add then click "add to menu"
  • click "Create Menu" or "Save Menu"

To edit or remove menu items

  • Click and Drag to rearrange the order
  • click the arrow to the right of the menu item for options
  • save the menu after any changes are made

Edit menu locations
Some themes will allow you to have menus in different areas of the layout such as the footer or sidebar.

  • look for the tab "Manage Menus"
  • select the menu name and location you want it to appear
  • "Save Changes"

More menu options
Other items to add to your menu will appear based on your theme. To see these options, make sure you are in the tab "Edit Menus"

  • go to the top right, click "Screen Options"
  • check items and they will appear to the left of your menu structure
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