Allowing Comments

Comments are recommended only if you want to engage users in a discussion, especially for blog articles. By default, WordPress enables allowing users to comment on pages and posts. I disable this for newer websites. You can change settings for individual pages and posts.

To change the default settings,

  1. Go to your Admin > Settings > Discussion
  2. Check/uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new articles"
  3. Save Changes 

To change for individual pages or posts,

  1. Go to your Admin > Pages or Posts
  2. Rollover the page title, click "quick edit"
  3. Check/uncheck "Allow comments"
  4. Update

If you're editing the page or post itself, scroll down to "Discussion" and check/uncheck "Allow comments". If "Discussion" is not visible, scroll to the top right of the screen and click "Screen Options" and check "Discussion".

Recommended Plugin

  • No Page Comment - This is installed by default for newer customers to allow easier management of comments and trackbacks for all content.
  • To Use: Go to Admin > Settings > No Page Comment
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