Using a Custom Email Address

If you want a custom email address your website domain, there are email hosting services available. For example, if your domain is, you can get a custom email address like

I recommend Gmail for Work, which includes custom email and other useful business apps. Gmail seems to do email best. They charge $5/month or $50/year per user and it's worth it. I've noticed that I get less spam and emails I send are less likely to go to junk and spam. It's also a good idea to keep email and hosting on separate servers so that they work independently of each other. This means if your website is down your emails won't be. In addition, if you ever decide to switch hosts, your email won't be affected and you won't have to go thru the trouble of switching emails over to a new host.

How to Activate

  1. Sign Up for Gmail for Work
  2. Add a Custom Email Address to your OH Press Account

If you're looking for an alternative to Google, there's Zoho and, but I haven't used them.


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