Connecting your domain

Once you've registered your domain name, you'll need to point your domain to the server. Basically, this tells the internet where to access your website files from. Although this seems to be the trickiest step in the process, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just technical.

There are two ways to do this, by updating your nameservers or by updating your A records. This is done through your domain registrar (who you registered your domain name with).

Note: If you opt to change your domain's nameservers to ours, all of your DNS records will be managed in your hosting account cPanel. This will also point your domain's email service to OH Press. If you choose to point your domain's A record instead, only your website will be pointed to your hosting account. Your domain's DNS records will still be managed with your previous host/DNS service provider.


Want me to do it for you?

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Point Your Domain

Option 1) Update your A records with your new IP address. You can find your A records in your cPanel or ask me for it. This is easier if your domain provider currently hosts your email.

Option 2) Set your domain nameservers (DNS) to the following:

You'll need to update your MX records to connect to your email if you change your nameservers. I'll help you with this.


Provider Instructions


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